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The process of continuous improvement has demanded a lot from everyone. In this process, we always have the support of Team Building, a fundamental partner, especially in training and behavioral consulting

Alexander Iken


The training project developed with Team Building was differentiating and an added value. Their results exceeded expectations and allowed us to consolidate the leadership skills of our team, as well as our high performance culture.

José António Campos

Head of Talent Management & Training

Thank you very much for your hard work and for your support. It was amazing the way you motivated each one of us! Because of that we feel more powerful to reach higher...We very much hope, that we can bring more groups to Portugal and work with you again.

Anja Wright


The activities presented to us strengthened the cohesion and team spirit and that is still felt in everyone’s memory. This experience increased our motivation, consolidating the group’s unity, will and ambition to achieve success.

Paula Cruz

Financial Director

I will be spared in words: it was excellent, proper content and language, different, on time and on target. The activities, the messages, the debriefings were aligned with the reality of the company, constituting the kick-off for a real movement of change.

Paulo Pereira

Salsa Jeans

You have been contributing to increase the self-esteem of our Sales Team. We are strong, we have overcome adversity and revealed an enormous capacity for adaptation. Team Building has helped us believe that, regardless of the situation, we will be the leaders of change in our sector!

Francisco Jorge

Sales Director

After our internal meeting, the dynamics developed by Team Building were an excellent way for our staff to get more involved with the goals we want to achieve. We believe that Team Building can transfer the energy and enthusiasm to our company to do it smoothly, efficiently and funny… Thank You!

Klaus Sentker

Executive Partner

Great effort from the company to meet our needs. Our team enjoyed it a lot, was a huge success! Thanks for all the effort and an amazing moments spent together!

Lisandra Teixeira


It is with great pride and a bit of vanity that we can say we have worked with the illustrious Prof. Jorge Sequeira. There were super interesting and fantastic moments! We left better prepared to face day-to-day adversities. It was a real TEAM BUILDING that highly contributed to company success.

José Faya Marinho

Diretor Geral