Portugal 2020

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Get to know the new EU investment support framework! - Portugal

Do you want to make your company more competitive? Do you want to improve your management processes? Do you want to make your organization more energy efficient? And increase the sales channels for your products or services? These are some of the areas supported by the new Community Framework, Portugal 2030, which will certainly make your company more able to embrace the constant challenges posed by the market in which it operates.

There will soon be open calls for applications for the Portugal 2020 Incentive Schemes, through which you can obtain support to finance these and other investment projects for your company. Team Building wants to be your partner and support you in preparing and managing your application to the support programmes of this Community Framework - Portugal 2030, seeking to optimise funding for your projects!

Our team is ready to analyse your company's needs and prepare and monitor your application.

Looking to finance your
investment project?


1. Market research
2. Participation in fairs and exhibitions
3. Visiting and prospecting foreign markets
4. Promotional activities in foreign markets


Digital Commerce

1. Online store
2. Electronic catalogue
3. Web marketing plan
4. Development of websites
5. Promotion of the institutional image



1. Consultancy to increase energy efficiency levels
2. Certification of environmental systems
3. Ecolabelling



1. Registration of national and European trademarks
2. Implementation of management systems (quality, environment, safety, social responsibility, innovation, ...)
3. Consultancy on performance evaluation systems
4. Computer systems for optimising productivity
5. Introduction of new work organisation methods
6. Production management and planning



1. Survey of skills development needs.
2. Implementation with certified transversal areas such as languages, safety, IT, personal development, quality, among others.
3. Certified technical areas such as welding, technical drawing, electricity and electronics, mechanics...
4. Integrated responses with training and consultancy, maximising the desired results.


Customised projects

1. Analysis of the organisation's current situation and respective strategic objectives.
2. Prospecting for possible support to boost the company's growth intentions.
3. Integrated and close response with training, consultancy, team building programmes and talks.
4. and much more... Contact us!


Investment Projects
Portugal 2030

Below, in infographic form, we present the consultancy process that underpins our services, with an indication of the skills that will help support not only the applications, but also the respective implementation of the investment project(s), successfully achieving the recommended goals: