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We apply knowledge and experience to organisations. We are driven by the passion for behaviour and the desire to drive change, guaranteeing results!

We believe in work, because excellence requires persistence and we do it as a team. Co-operation makes us excel! We are driven by action, the fuel that guarantees the achievement of objectives. We strive for organisational well-being.

Empowered leadership creates better performance. Cohesion is the cement of victories, once dreams. We investigate in order to surprise, and this curiosity leads to interventions that we hope will always have an impact.

We want to win with you, every day!

Jorge Sequeira

CEO | Speaker

Professor that serves the knowledge in shots of enthusiasm in a stage of life where the stagnation does not fit. I travel and write the "Pedal to the Medal", always with different glasses to see beyond the normal. Head game with motivation and if I could I would fire the boss already.

Vera Fernandes

Executive Diretor

That people can be happier where they work, is my Purpose! Results, Affection and Creativity are my favorite fusion to go further. Resilient and a Fighter, overcoming individually and as a team inspires me a better world!

Sérgio Ferreira

Project Manager

Proud bearer of Portugal northern simplicity, I am always willing to know and understand other cultures. The outfit that do not dispense is the monkey suit combined with the black hat of Edward de Bono.

Davide Garcia

Brand & Event Manager

DavidE, with an "e" at the end. I was born in Foz Côa and, oddly enough, I don't have any responsibility for its rock engravings - although I have made some on the walls at home. Perhaps that's where my taste for art, image and communication was born.

Susana Cabral


Trainer and Coach is how I'm known professionally and it's by providing development in a playful and fun way that I feel happy. In a good mood, travelling the world in the company of friends and a good book is all that completes me!

José Dias

Project Manager Investment

With a background in economics, I have more than 30 years' experience in drawing up and monitoring investment and training projects under EU funds.

Débora Luz

Graphic Designer

Create, colour and retouch. Just choose the brush and the magic happens. Between pixels and vectors, there's nothing like a trip to inspire the mind and expand the colour palette, with a mirror in your pocket to look through and a digital memory to look back on!

Ana Rodrigues


The daughter of an accountant, I started speaking "accounting" as a child and grew up between SAFTs, TOCs and RUs. I thought that responsibility was measured by the amount of paper at the workplace. Today I'm the most responsible, at least in accounting.