Team Care

Looking after our own, take care of the others!

The Quality of Life Programmes focus on the well-being of the company's employees, thus increasing their satisfaction and commitment. Externally, the payback to society is boosted by co-operating with institutions through a team building experience.


Team Building Social

Build a Bike

Solidarity combined with construction and group spirit will result in something bigger. It's never been easier to bring joy to kids!

Green Challenge

A dynamic full of moments that, in addition to contributing to environmental sustainability, will remain etched (in green) in the teams' memories.

Social Team Cooking

Get your team together, put on your aprons and roll up your sleeves! An adventure of flavours at the service of those who need it most.

Choose Your Cause

Choose the institution, the people and the purpose of your meeting. We'll make sure it's surprising for everyone!

Team Delivery - Team Building Social

What if the motto of the meeting was making pizzas? We'll take care of all the details, from the packaging to the most popular flavours.

Quality of Life Programme

No Stress

Here energies converge to fight the disease of the century. Balance yourself through breathing, meditation, yoga or mindfulness.

Stop Smoking

For you to lead a smoke-free life and experience new senses! We'll help you change your behaviour and make you healthier.

Relieved finances

Financial literacy is essential for better life management. We help you maximise your income and minimise costs.

Gymnastics at Work

What if just a few minutes at the beginning of your working day could make all the difference to how your body responds throughout the day?...

Lose Weigth

We help you achieve your peak of well-being. Gain health, feel lighter, become more agile and more skilful.