Team Consulting

Partner of Change!

Strategic alignment, validated tools, customised solutions. Redesigning the experience and improving internal processes in the service of customer satisfaction. We are partners in increasing engagement levels, in leadership effectiveness or in diagnosing the most suitable profiles. Integrated and effective support!


Design Thinking

Creativity applied, ideas well worked out! Methodology that combines theory and practice. With a hands on approach, it catalyses thinking and makes it feasible.

World Coffee

Ask for input around the "coffee table" and include it in the strategy. Promote employee involvement and ownership levels in your team.

Organisacional Environment

This is the thermometer of human capital involvement, where we diagnose the needs and perceptions of those who build your organisation.

Lego Serious Play

Create the future with your hands! With lego pieces, unlock communication, maximise paths and build a shared vision of the issues that are relevant to the company.

Points of You ®

Here we explore new perspectives on reality through powerful photographs. Challenge yourself and expand your range of feelings, thoughts and motivations.

Feedback 360º

Increase leadership efficiency. Provide moments where team members, peers and managers can identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Assessment DISC

Get to know the dynamics of your attitudinal profile. Increase awareness of your beliefs, how you make decisions, manage emotions and their impact on others.


The mind is our greatest tool! Let's understand how it works in times of stress, optimise its functions and increase levels of well-being.

Transactional analysis

Pragmatic tool for defining interaction profiles. Based on the diagnosis, individual and team improvement plans are developed.

And Much More!

Avaliação de Desempenho, Coaching, Cliente Mistério, Descrição de Funções, Cultura Organizacional, Valores Corporativos, Certificação de Academias de Formação…