Team Speaker

When applied knowledge becomes a spectacle!

Scientifically proven, with accessible language that creates moments of good humour. With the use of videos, music and enchanting stories, reflection and shared celebration are guaranteed, sparked by an energising approach full of motivation and energy.

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Pedal to the Medal

A dazzling journey through the main soft skills that drive effective action.

The Guilt Marriage

Personal responsibility is needed. Guilt can never die alone...

Rage to Win: Confidence and Motivation

Self-confidence, goals, commitment and engagement to go further.

Resilience: Overcoming Adversity

We are living in times of great difficulty. How to turn round and come out on top!...

The Power of Optimism

Develop positive expectations, in search of happiness, where getting it right is human!

Winning Teams

How to turn a group of individuals into a powerful and demolishing whole.


Feed the dream, wake up, set goals and realise what the imagination offers.

An Upside Down World

An inverted pyramid, customer focus and managing uncertainty with autonomy.

Embrace the Change

Drive competitive change, realise opportunities and make a difference.

Mobilising Leadership

Empowerment. Influence driving overachievement and a sense of pride.