Team Training

Training is with us!

Training courses, workshops or seminars, we are your partner for boosting performance and change in your organisation. We favour the use of practical, hands-on methodologies, with the active application of knowledge, transforming it into relevant skills for teams.


Group Dynamics
Role Playing
Guided Reflection
Ice Breaker


Positive Teams

Be inspired by experience! With challenges and dynamics, we analyse your team's points for improvement, transforming them into forces that inspire results!

Effective Communication

Few have mastered their complexity and the impact it has on interaction with others. Let's practise the different skills involved in this dimension.

Leadership and Team Management

Increase your organisation's level of alignment and performance! Increase leadership skills and promote your team to excel.

Conflict Management

Turn conflicts into moments of growth. Using practical examples, the techniques for capitalising on disagreement are explored.

Efficient Meetings

A tool for aligning and involving everyone and so often questioned as to its efficiency. The factors that ensure its productivity will be discussed.


Create an advantageous context that meets the needs of all parties, maximising the achievement of results. The main techniques for achieving this will be explored.


Feedback is the nourishment of champions! Effective and constructive forms of feedback allow for higher levels of development and performance from your employees.

Emotional Intelligence - EI

Why are there successful idiots and geniuses who seem dumb? More often than not, it is the dimensions of EI that best explain the achievement of success.

Stress and Time Management

Optimal stress levels can be a good ally for performance and achieving results. Learn to mobilise your resources in the face of perceived demands.

And Much More!

Management 4.0, Diversidade nas Equipas, Poder e Influência, Eficiência Pessoal, Six Thinking Hats. Felicidade, Vendas e Atendimento, Empowerment e Motivação…

Certified Areas DGERT

Personal Development. Management and Administration. Fit within the Organisation. Social and Behavioural Sciences. Foreign Languages and Literature. Commerce. Marketing and Advertising. Accounting and Taxation. Training for Teachers and Trainers in Technological Areas. Health. Law Education Sciences. Safety and Hygiene at Work. Computer Science from the User's Perspective. Metallurgy and Metalworking. Electricity and Energy. Food Industries. Textile, clothing, hunting and leather industries. Agricultural and Animal Production. Hotels and Restaurants. Tourism and Leisure. Environmental Protection. Protection of Goods and People